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hbBool: FREE(*) Source Code of a Library for Booleans on Polygonal Meshes

hbBool is a FREE(*) source code library for performing Boolean Set Operations on polygonal meshes.

Distinguishing Features of hbBool

  • Local Boolean: Limit the operations to the vicinity of a selected vertex (work with large tools locally).
  • Slice, multiknife-slice: : Use the second argument(s) as knifes, chopping the first argument into many solids. Also: multitool subtraction.
  • Translational Sweep: Along a polyline. Result has no selfintersections.
  • Surface operations: perform Boolean on surfaces (not only on volumes).
  • User-selectable preprocessing operations:
  • hbBool as a modifier: Modify a mesh by the StudioMax preprocessing options, without doing Boolean operations.
  • Fairing Boolean: In preparation.
Familiar Workflow That of StudioMAX Boolean with our additional features.

Why hbBool?

Because of its features, and performance. A handy tool, which just does its job.

(*) Free: for qualifying users

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